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Some of Our Services Include:

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PEMY is a network of highly qualified experts able to address advanced engineering and technical issues. You and your company can depend on us to provide a thorough, researched solution, recommendations or analysis. We regularly perform fitness for service assessments for damaged or aging equipment, hydrostatic test analyses and exemptions, inspection repair plans, settlement analyses, data analysis, safety analyses, and many other activities that help you keep operating safely, efficiently and reliably at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Always apply appropriate mathematical, statistical and engineering models using state-of-the-art technology to solve problems that Owners/Operators face in daily operations to help them operate with excellence and minimizing total cost of ownership.

PEMY Consulting, LLC

    Engineering Excellence

  • Setting up tank inspection, piping inspection, and vessel inspection programs

  • Inspection repair plans that help you anticipate post tank inspection costs and the best way to make repairs.

  • Setting up tank overfill prevention programs

  • Recommendations on what, how, why and when of inspections for tanks, piping and pressure vessels

  • Seismic analysis

  • Compliance issues (OSHA, EPA, SPCC, etc)

  • SPCC Plans

  • Data analysis, statistic, analysis of variance, design of experiments

  • Similar service

  • Fitness for service

  • Risk based inspection

  • OTIS Tanks (see papers tab)

  • Incident investigations

  • Fire protection of petroleum facilities (design/prevention/protection)

  • Codes and standards interpretation, implementation and compliance